12/02/2021 Snap Lockdown Restrictions

*CURRENT AS OF 15/02/2021* Stage 4 Lockdowns until midnight 17/02/2021:

Face-to-Face appointments are not available at all of our clinics until midnight Wednesday 17/02/2021. If you have booked an appointment during this time you will either get a call or a text to reschedule your appointment. You can still book appointments for times after Wednesday 17/02/2021.

For more information on these restrictions, see the DHHS’ website for more information:

The following information is out of date:

*DHHS Update 19/10/20*

“Allied health providers that are currently listed on the permitted work premised list [Chiropractors] will be able to return to delivering all routine care” as of 19/10/20.

Wellbeing Chiropractic is following a COVID-Safe plan and following DHHS recommendations:

**Information below is now out of date**


In these unprecedented times we wish you well and hope you’re safe and healthy. Our thoughts are with you in these difficult times and we would like to consolidate and reassure you on the following:

  • All allied health services including (chiropractic) are legally able to remain open and provide the appropriate healthcare, following the advice of the state and federal health ministers.
  • We remain increasing conscious and purposeful regarding our hygiene standards and practices. We are wiping down all chiropractic tables between patients and cleaning all common areas regularly throughout the day.
  • We are constantly observing the official government websites regarding COVID-19 essential service announcements. Our goal is to remain compliant and follow the states health recommendations.
  • If changes to your chiropractic care are required to be enforced we will inform you immediately.
  • Our staff members will be exercising voluntary leave and will remain distanced from the building if they are unwell at any stage in the next up and coming months.
  • The majority of our international Chiropractic patients have ceased or delayed their treatment. The minority international patient’s that remain have been living in Australia for multiple months, or immigration regulations have cleared them to enter the country.
  • Chairs in the patient waiting room will be placed a 1.5m distance to ensure social distancing regulations are met.
  • We ask you to please stay home if anyone in your family is known to be unwell and suffering flu-like symptoms. An appointment will be rescheduled for you when you are healthy and well.

In these demanding and uncertain times we urge you to look after your health and ensure your immune system remains strong. If possible take some quiet time for yourself and breath purposely and consciously. Ensure you’re eating a well balanced diet, nourish and hydrate yourself with plenty of water. It’s paramount you support yourself. Most importantly in these perplex times it’s vital you look after friends, family and ensure we look out for each other.

Thanks for your patience and understanding.


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